Welcome to the Animated-Photography World!

Showing the secret life of our daily items.
Every object has a story to tell.

Global Cooling

Poor Earth is going through the roughest period of its entire history.

Heavy pollution is chocking him and, if this isn't bad enough, the days are getting hotter and hotter and he finds it harder to breathe.

His icebergs and polar caps are melting, so he needs to lower his temperatures at once.

With a bag of ice on his forehead, a nice cool fan and a cozy spot inside the freezer, he immediately started feeling much better.

Before we even know it, a new ice age has begun.


Don't Leaf

They grew up together, and couldn't imagine their lives apart.

The two enjoyed just another ordinary day when the marks first appeared,

But no one thought it was something to worry about.

So they kept spending every day out in the sun with each other like nothing in the world could go wrong.

But as the disease kept on spreading, he could barely hang on.

It was not a secret that this day would arrive, but even so, he wasn't ready to let go.



It was another peaceful day in the forest, no disturbance, nothing to worry about.

The wind started to blow gently and the rain poured with an incredible gentleness.

Shroom Jr. got startled by the big rain drops, being the first rain he ever encountered in his life.

"Don't you worry little Shroom", His mom-shroom said, "I'll always be right here by your side".


Food Fight!

It seemed a quiet day for the fruits and veggies that were hanging around. Nothing forespoke an unfortunate event.

That until the mad strawberry descended and brought chaos into the lives of all.

The cutting sound of knives was everywhere, slices and pieces of veggies and fruits started spreading all over the countertop.

No one knew when it all started, but it sure ended in a large bowl, as a delicious salad.


Junk Food

Tired after a filthy day, the trash bin decided to eat downtown.

After all, since he was taking so much trash from everybody, he thought that a delicious dinner was the perfect treat for his hard work.

So, he decided to suppress his frustration by indulging in unhealthy food, but which tasted darn good.

One by one, pizza slices, French fries, and bites of hamburger ended up in the trash bin.

He never stopped until he was completely full. But all those moments of pleasure ended up in agony, as he now had to get rid of all that waste.


Lost Memory :\>

He was once the ruler of the world. He dominated Earth at the beginning of the computer era, when technology was a concept that was barely emerging.

Admired for its generous storage capacity and sturdiness, he was portrayed as the famous save icon, which can still be found in every computer these days.

In an attempt to learn more about this prehistoric creature, a team of USB flash memories are digging up the remaining of a floppy containing data of their lost history.

They work at high speed to export it as soon as possible, but when it comes to this gentle giant things are not working out this way...

In order to succeed, the USB flash in charge will have to RTFM.


Loud Speakers

The week has finally ended, and there's no better ending to it than with an awesome karaoke night.

Mr. and Mrs. Loud Speakers know this and, even after all their years together, they still make time to go out and party.

Having their mics in their hands, and the disco ball hanging above their heads, they're turning up the beat and rocking the stage just like they did at their first date.


Star's Wish

"Everybody is wishing upon a star, so why wouldn't I do the same", a small but brave starfish thought.

There were so many falling stars that reflected in the sea's clear water, open the door to making countless wishes.

But our starfish had just one ardent wish.

He wanted to live among the stars on the sky, to be bright and shiny, not hidden underneath the deep blue waters.


Blown Away

There was razzle-dazzle in the small balloon city.

Hundreds of colored balloons were gathered in one place, whispering about a tragedy.

As we got closer, we saw a blue balloon officer that was gathering evidences from the crime scene.

There were bits of balloon scattered everywhere and a blot of water that made everyone else shiver.

Will our blue balloon officer solve the mystery? The killer sure didn't get too far.


Love Drunk

Beer was in love with Champagne for such a long time, but he had one major question, after so many years of relationship.

Will he be good enough for the fine and elegant Champagne? Will she accept his proposal?

Frozen by emotions, at a sunset on a quiet beach corner, Beer took his chance now and forever.

And she said yes, marking the start of a rather mind-numbing combination.


It Was a One Time Thing!

Spoon was coming home one night, after a stressful business trip, hoping to enjoy a hot bath and toss himself in bed, for a well deserved rest.

But, once he entered the house, he heard suspect noises coming from the bedroom.

There, his beloved wife was spooning with someone else.

"It was a onetime thing!", she said, but Spoon had a hunch that it was not the first time his wife decided to serve dinner in a different manner.


Sea Salt

Everyone loves sea salt, for the intense flavor it can give our food.

But, our little salt shaker started to feel empty on the inside, by each passing day.

So, he decided to pay a visit to the Dead Sea, a place where only sea salt can exist and nothing else.

It was the perfect place for a refill, the place where no creature lived but yet he felt so alive.

The lowest place on earth really lifted his spirit and he returned home filled of hope and salt.


Back to my Roots

Patrick, the potted plant, never knew a different life exists, except the one he had inside his house.

But today something extraordinary happened.

Together with the morning sun, the wind broke through the trees and brought in sounds of birds chirping, bees buzzing, and leaves rustling.

Suddenly, a new feeling arose in Patrick's heart.

With a determined jump, he hopped with his pot and hit the road, shovel in his hand - hitchhiking deep into the woods.

When he finally arrived, back home in the wild, he knew he would never feel alone again.


Baby Bulb

A new member in the family is one of the biggest blessings there is.

Mr. and Mrs. Bulb experiencing this joy for the first time in their lives.

It is really hard to tell what is like to be a parent until you manage to hold your baby in your arms.

Such emotions will definitely lighten up your heart forever.


Break Free

Bob Tower was doing the same job every single day, for as long as he knows himself on this planet.

Regardless if it is day or night, if it rains, snows, or the sun shines bright, he is always there, connected to the grid.

But one day he was simply fed up and broke all his connections.

He dreamt about being free and starting a new life for years, and how he had the guts to do it and live like the birds in the sky.

Without any obligations and strings attached, going wherever the wind may take him.


Cameras on Vacation

Cameras are the ones that never enjoy a real vacation always returning home drained of energy and with their memory stuffed with pictures.

Well, they had it! They wanted to put an end to all this and become the ones being photographed this time.

Thankfully, the best smartphone was in the right place and at the right time for the job.

A bit of light here and there, a beautiful exotic backdrop and, of course, a little parasol in hand, and everything was set.

Just say "Cheeeeeze!"


Save The King!

When the battle first started, the King seemed to be the most powerful one in the battle area, as he was coordinating the soldier to fight, while he was staying secured in his peaceful square.

But, in a split second, things got completely out of hand, leaving the King exposed.

Then everybody understood that the King is far from being the powerful tool everybody believed he will be.

But, at the same time, they all knew that the entire battle will be lost, unless they do something about it and save their King.

Will they be able to defend him or is his fate already sealed?


Dranied Parents

Being a parent is not easy, things being no different in the Battery family.

Having their hands full with their mischievous children, Mr. and Mrs. Battery rarely get to enjoy a moment of peace when they can recharge themselves.

Most of the times they are simply drained, almost surrendering to the chaos around them, and being tempted to let thing just flow by chance.

They may have the impression that they're in charge, but, in reality, the kids are the ones pulling the strings.


Watch Out!

Poor Mr. Clock, he is always at risk of being hammered or damaged in so many different ways, just because he is doing his job every morning.

Extremely useful but utterly hated at the same time, he is facing the same routine every single day.

Right after announcing that it is 7 a.m. he has to run for it, because Hammer's only desire is to see him smashed.

It is very likely that the previous clock ended under the fury of Hammer, which is probably why he got the job in the first place.

And, apparently, he is not willing to quit just yet, having one more clock to take care of.


Candle's Birthday

Candle was trying to put on a happy face each time he was lit it in order to celebrate someone's birthday.

The truth is that Candle was feeling blue on the inside, because he was dreaming about a birthday of his own.

Every year, he wished that someone will notice and he will enjoy a birthday party just like the ones he participated at so often.

One day, the other candles threw him a surprise party, with cake, presents, and even a little candle to burn for him this time, and everything needed, because every candle deserves to have a birthday.



There are always ways in which we can completely change our lives, if we just stop and look for solutions.

Here is the story of a little snail that was tired of his old life, wanting something different.

He knew that a rigid way of thinking and the lack of courage to escape his daily routine will get him nowhere.

So, with a few tools and a lot of imagination, he was able to do what no other snail has done before.

This way we just embarked on his brand new life, exploring what the world has to offer.


The Attack on Nail City

It seemed like another peaceful night in the Nail City.

Nails, Measuring Meters and Bolts were about to call it a day.

But, out of the darkness of the night, a giant Hammer appeared, spreading panic around the entire city.

No one knew from which toolbox he came, but he started spreading fear the minute he appeared.

Everyone was going nuts, knowing that they were all totally screwed.

Still, the story won't end this way, everybody in the Nail City uniting their forces to fight against this common foe.


Kids.. (all they want is some coffee)

As a parent, you know that by the time you weak up, your kids will already be up, fresh and shiny, and with a dose of energy that can even be annoying sometimes.

Mrs. Coffee Kettle has to deal with this every single morning, as her children, two cute little coffee cups, barely wait for her to get up and serve them their hot coffee.

Maybe too much coffee makes things go wrong?

That's it, we're switching to tea!


the Otherside

A fluffy little bunny was roaming around the forest, enjoying the peace and comfort of the green nature.

All of a sudden, a big hat magically appeared right next to him, out of nowhere.

"What is that?", the bunny asked, not knowing whether to be scared or curious.

But, he didn't even manage to finish his question well that a hand reached out from the hand and pulled the bunny in.

In a split second, from an ordinary forest bunny, he became the superstar of his own magic show!


The End

We all know that there is an end to everything, although we can't realize it until it actually happens.

These candles lived their lives together, knowing each other since childhood.

For them, it was extremely painful to see their best friend slowly burning out.

Besides the pain of losing someone dear, they also realized that they are slowly heading towards the same direction.

The flame of life will melt them down, one drop at a time, until the fire will extinguish forever.


She Loves Me!! (not..?)

He was dating her for a while, being so happy that he finally found someone to love.

But a grim thought was in his mind for a while. Does she feel the same?

There was only one way to know that for sure, so he started picking his petals, one by one, while wondering "She loves me? She loves me not?"

When the last petal told him that she loves him, he became the happiest flower in the world!

But, how will she tell him that there's still one more petal left...?



Up from above, where the people are barely noticeable, the buildings are the main characters of the scenery.

But, even so, they were built far away from each other, making them feel lonely most of their time.

Slowly, they found out that with just a little bending on the sides, they can almost touch one another.

So, each skyscraper deposited an immense effort until they were finally able to touch, and even hug.

But their lack of proper contact and coordination quickly led them to a tangled situation.


I Think it's Number 2..

Something went terribly wrong in the pear village, someone from the outside breaking an entrance and stealing valuable items from the mayor's house.

The police quickly captured four suspects, and asked the mayor to go to the station for identification.

It was hard to tell, as they all resembled one another.

He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something very fishy about number two..